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PhatNoise Cable Pinouts
Currently the only info I have is for Keg<->PhatBox, VW<->PhatBox and BMW(Blitzsafe)<->PhatBox
Please note that these pinouts could be incorrect, I personally mapped out the music keg so am relatively sure that is correct but the BMW and VW information is from a third party. I am not responsible for any damage that could be caused by the use of this information.

Feel free to email me if you see any problems or need clarification at

The Phatbox end of a cable is 3M Part#10126-3000VE or 10126-6000EC and can be ordered from: HERE or HERE respectively
I reccomend the 10126-3000VE part (solder cup) and you can also find a shell for the solder cup connector as 3M P/N 10326-52F0-008 from Mouser at
I never did find the Sony end to buy by itself... you'd think mouser would have it somewhere, but I couldn't find it. If you do find it, let us know The MBUS Connector should be: Kobiconn 8PIN DIN PN#171-0278

PhatBox Pins (Verified for Kenwood, VW and BMW)

1 -------> Left Audio +
2 -------> Right Audio +
3 -------> Audio Ground
4, 16 ---> Ground
10, 13 --> VCar
14 ------> ACC (Disconnected on Kenwood)

Music Keg

You can try to order the Kenwood to Keg cable from enter manufacturer of "KENWOOD" and Part No "KHD-5L1"

Kenwood CD-Changer interface info from
1 - IN/OUT - CH_CLK - Clock input/output for changer
2 - IN - Audio left channel
3 - OUT - CH-DATAH - Data output to changer
4 - IN - CH-DATAC - Data input from changer
5 - IN - CH-REQC - Request input from changer; "Low" : Request
6 - IN - Audio right channel
7 - OUT - CH-RST - Reset output to changer
8 - AGND - Audio Ground
9 - IN - CH-MUTE - Mute request from changer; "High" : Mute
10 - OUT - CH-CON - Changer control; "High" : Operation mode "Low" : Standby
11 - Vcc +12V
12 - Ground
13 - OUT - CH-REQH - Request output to changer; "Low" : Request

VSD of pinouts for Music Keg


VSD of pinouts for Sony
PhatNoise/BMW (Blitzsafe)

MBUS Pins (BMW Side)
1 - ACC (+12V)
2 - Ground
3 - Right Audio +
4 - Audio Ground
5 - Left Audio +
6 - DATA
7 - VCar (+12V)
8 - Ground
Click here for some info you should read if you're installing to BMW
VSD of pinouts for BMW

VSD of pinouts for VW

Follow this link for a page that explains quite well and has all the pinouts etc...
I will be updating this page at some time to mirror the information in my own format, assuming I get the permission of the author

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This site is dedicated to modifying the phatbox to support unsigned hard drives and generally permit any modifications. This can be accomplished and you can now use any laptop drive in your Phatbox or Music Keg. See the page on the Wiki or the forum thread.